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August 28, 2013


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Donald Atley from New York|Unites States

Donald Atley came to the Bethel Of Praise Ministries through our ministry for the homeless. Through counseling and prayer from Pastor Femi Alabi, God delivered him from crack-cocaine addiction, and was also healed from the terminal disease as attested to by his physician at the Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. With a desire to know more of our awesome God, brother Donald enrolled in the Alpha Bible Institute/ Oral Roberts University School Of Life Long Education graduation with a certificate. Brother Donald now preaches and testify about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder Randolph George from New York|United States

Pastor, it’s my pleasure to share this testimony with you. I have observed it and have believed it that I now practise it. It goes this way; my financial aspect of life is not encouraging, though I have left my job so I could continue my education. But each time am financially broke and I head to any Christ Embassy Church and drop my seed at the altar, in 3days my finances begin to flourish like a morning flower. I really bless the lord for giving the world to you.

Gladys Mapingire from Zimbabwe|Africa

Really, 2013 is just a year of favour. I would like to thank God for my new job. I could not complain about the salary that I was getting. I had been looking for a new job for the past one year and I was not tithing and was not a consistent partner, but from November 2012, I started tithing and was called for an interview in December and on the 30th of January 2013, I was given my employment letter with very lucrative benefits! My God is just faithful. Glory to God. Pastor, thank you for your teachings.

Gamuchirai Neshena from South Africa|Africa

Indeed this is a year of favour. My husband lost his job last year September due to some work permit issue, and in this year of favour he got a job as a network engineer. He had been trying to get this position for years but glory to God he got the job now. However, during this whole period he was out of employment, we never lacked anything! God is just abundantly supplying our needs on a daily basis. God, you are an awesome God! I love you so much.

Nora Nkuku from USA|NorthAmerica

Amen! God’s word has transformed my life 360 degrees. I was involved in an accident some months ago, I couldn’t walk, go to church or the office, I depended on other people’s help to run errands, drive or take care of myself and kids. A brother brought Pastor Chris’ messages loaded up in an MP3 player and prayed with me, asking me to leave it playing 24hrs a day. I did as he said, I kept listening to Pastor Chris’ messages, repeating every word that Pastor declared concerning my situation, as time went by, I began to build my faith on the word of God as I kept on listening to the messages even while I was asleep, the Holy Spirit would wake me up at certain times to hear a specific word for that moment and I’d receive it with my spirit. Gradually I began to walk, put my shoes on again, go to church, take care of my kids and now drive to the office. Hallelujah! The word of God does work, it’s a limitation destroyer. The word has prevailed over the plans of the devil to cripple me. I’m unstoppable now and I’ve kept my healing. I will never be sick again because the words that I got from our man of God Pastor Chris has taught me how to stay and live in divine health, no situation can ever defeat me. Praise God forever more. I’m making tremendous progress indeed! Thank you Pastor, I love you very dearly!

Tabi Grace from USA|NorthAmerica

Praise God. The beginning of this month has really been challenging and caused me to dwell on the problem more rather than God’s word about my progress. So this thought for the day came in just at the right time and immediately I started reading it and confessing some phrases in relation to God’ word for my success, I felt immediately relief and knew that was exactly what I needed to get through this month. Thank God.

Jennifer n Jennifer from Nigeria|Africa

Thank you dear Pastor Chris for this beautiful platform to receive daily thoughts. I have taken the Word of GOD personal that I must meditate and talk it this year in spite of any adverse circumstance. Prior to this time, I posted my comment on the February communion service page that am thanking GOD that I have the job at Guarantee Trust Bank, just today I got a call to come over to a particular branch and they requested for my C.V, telling me to come back on Monday to be interviewed which I know is no big deal because I have the answers to the interview tabernacled in me (THE HOLY SPIRIT) am sharing this testimony knowing that I have already occupied my position in the bank… Glory to GOD!!! The Word always Works!

Luis from USA|NorthAmerica

Praise be to God. Thank God for Christ Embassy's Healing School. I put a prayer request in for my cousin Corine; she had got an infection in her lungs the night that I became a partner with the healing school; her lungs had shut down twice but then later that day, the doctors came into her room and could not explain why or how the fluid and infection was gone. The doctors said it could only be a miracle. Glory to God! Thank you partners, for your prayers. Luis Fortworth, Texas.

Salma from Tanzania|Africa

Glory be to God! After so much suffering and pain, it’s now gone completely. At the right side of my neck was swollen; after watching LoveWorld television and bought different materials like Rhapsody of Realities, Atmosphere For Miracles books, and How To Receive a Miracle and Retain It, I am now completely healed. Thanks to Pastor Chris.

Gwen Gondo from Zimbabwe|Africa

I would like to thank God for this Ministry. Through this ministry, I have found my health, peace, joy and love that I had never experienced before. I was once HIV positive, and I had thought that was the end of my life. But through this ministry, the healing school in particular, my life has been transformed. I am now HIV negative! I am now healed and I was taught that nothing can ever take me down, not sickness, not even death because they are just lying vanities. Jesus is alive and He lives in me. I have joy unspeakable. I can now plan ahead, I am now getting married, and this is something I never thought would be possible. It is a miracle indeed and I praise the Lord for that! To all the partners, thank you for making it possible for me for no price. Thank you so much. To our man of God, Pastor Chris, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!